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Top 10 considerations
for green and snowy Christmas in Chelsea

  1. Enjoy yourself, your loved ones and the beauty of Chelsea over the holidays - personal sustainability is part of the future we are striving for;

  2. Remember the less fortunate

  3. Avoid the rampant consumerism of the season, shop simply - its more meaningful and better for the planet;

  4. Drive less - ski, snowshoe and toboggan more!

  5. Shop locally, support Chelsea's winter fairs and the artisans and retailers of our fair village - locally produced presents do less harm to the climate in getting here, you can have greater confidence in their contents and in purchasing them we support our wonderful community.

  6. Eat locally, support local producers and suppliers of the Outaouais region when planning your holiday meals - its better for the planet and better gastronomie.

  7. Give a green gift, support an environmental or social justice cause - its better for the planet and more in keeping with the spirit of the season

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  8. Party responsibly, reduce the garbage - try to eliminate plastics and non-recycled papers from your holiday parties and giftgiving

  9. If you buy a Christmas tree, be careful where it comes from. Artificial trees are really petrochemical shrubs. Trees from responsibly managed local tree farms are quite fine but beware unscrupulously sourced trees from natural or regenerating forests. Plant a tree for one you cut down - support ACRE's AURRA reforestation program right here in Chelsea.

  10. Decorate with mother nature and your own bounty - fallen bows make for lovely decorating touches as do your gingerbread cookies!

Happy holidays to one and all!