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2018 ACRE EarthDay photo contest winner

Photo © Gaetan Ouimet

Who we are

ACRE (Action Chelsea for Respect of the Environment) is a non-profit organization made up of concerned citizens working towards an environmentally-healthy community.


Our Mission

ACRE works to protect the ecological integrity of Chelsea Québec, and to increase understanding and awareness of ecological integrity and its importance in enhancing our quality of life.


Our Approach

  1. We provide residents of Chelsea with opportunities to learn about environmental issues through lectures, exhibits, networking opportunities and special events.

  2. We encourage residents to personally contribute to the environmental health of our community in their day to day activities.

  3. We encourage environmentally sound government policies and practices in our community.

    While ACRE is incorporated in Quebec as a not-for-profit organization, and is a registered charity and land trust.


Board of Directors 2020


Stephen Woodley


Carolyn Farquhar

Registrar & Website:

Stephan Moresoli

Sustainable Development:

Allyson Quinlan

Science Advisor:

Bronwyn Rayfield


John Mynott

Land Trust:

Olaf Jensen






ACRE was originally formed in 1998 by Chelsea residents, inspired by Dr. Nicole Bruinsma's call to reduce the use of pesticides for cosmetic purposes. Since then ACRE's membership has grown and its areas of activity have broadened to include other issues which pertain to the ecological integrity of our community such as protecting water quality and quantity, and nature conservation.

ACRE was incorporated as a not-for-profit corporation in Quebec in April 2000. ACRE is primarily funded by donations, membership fees, and fundraising. Grants are sought for specific projects.


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