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ACRE and Chelsea's pesticide bylaw


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Chelsea is a semi-rural municipality located in Western Quebec. It is bordered on the east by the Gatineau River, on the south by the urban municipality of Hull, and in the north by the rural municipality of La Pêche. Approximately 75% of Chelsea's land mass is contained within the Gatineau Park. The population of Chelsea is approximately 6,000 people. Many of the residents of Chelsea work in either Ottawa or Hull. According to a survey published in 1999 in the Ottawa Citizen, the per-capita income of Chelsea is the second highest in the Ottawa area, exceeded only by that of Rockcliffe Park.

Chelsea contains no hard industry, 2 golf courses and little land which is zoned agricultural. 100% of the homes in Chelsea are on well and septic systems.

Many residents of Chelsea have chosen to live in the municipality because of its natural environment. Even before 1998, the municipality of Chelsea had adopted a policy of not applying chemical pesticides on public land. The local soccer field was specially designed so that it would not require pesticides.