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Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environnement

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Who we are

ACRE (Action Chelsea for Respect of the Environment) is a non-profit organization made up of concerned citizens working towards an environmentally-healthy community.


Our Mission

ACRE works to protect the ecological integrity of Chelsea Québec, and to increase understanding and awareness of ecological integrity and its importance in enhancing our quality of life.

Our Approach

We provide residents of Chelsea with opportunities to learn about environmental issues through lectures, exhibits, networking opportunities and special events.

We encourage residents to personally contribute to the environmental health of our community in their day to day activities.

We encourage environmentally sound government policies and practices in our community.

Board of Directors

President - Stephen Woodley

Secretary - Gord Hill

Treasurer - Matthieu Brennan

Bylaw and Governance - Matthieu Brennan, Gord Hill, Stephan Moresoli

Fund Raising - Matthieu Brennan

Land Trust Director - Olaf Jensen

Land Trust Projects - Heather Barna, Bronwyn Rayfield

Municipal Master Plan - Allyson Quinlan

Public communications - Roberta Walker, Stephan Moresoli

Technology - Stephan Moresoli

What's New?

Land Trust News - 'Place Eco Rubin'

Annual General Meeting

Chelsea Master Plan

Community Forest

ACRE Survey 2020


Land Trust

Land Trust

Public Education

Public Education


Email :

64 chemin Juniper, Chelsea, Québec, J9B 1T3