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Land Trust

ACRE as a not for profit charitable organization, interested in the acquisition of land or interests in land (like conservation easements) for the purpose of conservation is a land trust.


ACRE’s land trust focus on conserving the biological values of land in Chelsea and around Gatineau Park and to protect those lands for future generations.

Land Acquisition

As a land trust ACRE can receive donations of land and can permanently care for these lands.

If sufficient funds are available ACRE can also purchase lands in order to preserve them and care for them in perpetuity.

Financial Incentives

Financial incentives are available to any private landowner who donates land or an interest in land to a land trust.


Land that is determined to be ‘ecologically sensitive’ by Environment and Climate Change Canada and the Government of Quebec will qualify for significant tax incentives:

• no taxable capital gains

• a ten year carry-forward period of any unused portion of the donation receipt.

Landowners can also continue to use and enjoy their land even after a donation has been completed.

Click here for more information on the Ecological Gifts Program

Don't Own Land?

You can support the land trust even if you do not own lands that could be considered for protection.


ACRE can receive your financial donations and can issue charitable donation receipts as a registered charitable organisation. Donations can be targeted to support specific land trust activities including acquisition and stewardship.

Our Lands

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