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Heron in wetlands

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  • Community Forest
  • ACRE 2020 Survey
Photo © Geof Burbidge

Community Forest

Conservation for future generations

ACRE, as a land trust, is moving ahead with the purchase of a 57-acre parcel of land in Chelsea on behalf of the community.

The seller has accepted our recent offer of $850,000. We have been able to raise $650,000 in pledges, but we need $200,000 in additional pledges to close the deal.

We have until February 28, 2021 to purchase this land before It goes up for sale to prospective developers.

This is your chance to invest in our community by securing a protected forest that can continue to be enjoyed by all of us and by future generations.

ACRE Survey 2020

The Importance of Nature to Chelsea

ACRE surveyed Chelsea residents between July 13 – August 16, 2020 to better understand how they feel about the importance of nature and what actions can be taken locally to safeguard Chelsea’s natural environment: