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Place Eco Rubin – Soon 10,000 trees planted

Golden-winged Warble habitat restoration project at Place EcoRubin-2022

placeEcoRubinTree001 placeEcoRubinTree002
Photo Credit: Carl Savignac

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Beavers are back on our Cascades property

We are pleased to learn that beavers are active again in the ACRE Cascades property (Thanks for the info Doug!).

Now that there is once again a water connection to the river through a culvert under the community trail they have started a new house.

cascadesBeaver002 cascadesBeaver001
Photo Credit: Doug Taylor

What happens to the materials we put in the recycling bin?

The Coach du bac workshop, presented by Tricentris, is the ideal opportunity for you to ask all your questions about recycling.

When: November 8, 7PM

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