Please contact us at or through our Facebook page if you have any questions or are interested in:
  • Donating ecologically valuable land, selling it to ACRE, or signing a conservation agreement (servitude) in order to permanently protect your land for nature conservation and contribute to the ecological integrity of the area around the Gatineau Park.

  • Supporting the work of ACRE's land stewardship committees.

  • Supporting any of the existing restoration and conservation projects, community awareness programs, and projects with the municipalities.

  • Participating in our events and community programs.

  • Volunteering. Any skills will be useful for us!

  • Becoming a member or donating to our community organization. Because ACRE is a charity, your membership and any additional donations are tax deductible and you will be issued a tax receipt.

We are working in Chelsea and other municipalities around the Gatineau Park.

Let's join our efforts to make our communities environmentally friendly!