Land Stewardship

In accordance with Canadian Land Trust Standards and Practices (2019), we develop land management plans for the acquired properties and establish stewardship committees consisting of ACRE board members and neighbours, who are all volunteers. This citizen-engagement model is important to ACRE and key to the long-term success of our conservation initiatives. We also establish ecological monitoring programs and conduct annual audits at our properties.

Wildlife Camera Traps

From November 25th to December 17th, 2023, 6 cameras were installed in Hundred Acre Wood. We have observed a red fox, a fisher, a long-tailed weasel, white-tailed deer, and squirrels. The full summary of results can be found here.

From August 13th to September 22nd, 2023, 6 cameras were installed in Forét aux Étangs. The following animals were captured by the cameras: deer, bear, raccoon, coyote, and fox. The full summary of results can be found here. The report prepared by the Stewardship Committee President Carolyn Farquhar can be downloaded here.

Tree Mortality Plots

Tree mortality in our forests has recently increased significantly due to wind storms caused by climate change and new invasive species, such as beech bark disease Cryptococcus fagisuga/Neonectria spp.) and the emerald ash borer (Agrilus planipennis). Using a part of a protocol recommended by Canadian Forest Service, we will establish tree mortality plots in Forest of the Ponds and Forest Larrimac in summer 2024 to conduct long-term tree monitoring.

Beavers Are Back on Our Cascades Property

Beavers are active again in the ACRE Cascades property (thanks for the info Doug!). As there is once again a water connection to the river through a culvert under the community trail, they have started a new house.

Place Eco Rubin – 10,000 Trees Planted

This project, which took place in 2022, focused on restoring golden-winged warbler's habitat at Place EcoRubin, one of ACRE's properties. For more information

Forest of the Ponds

Carolyn Farquhar - Chair, Lyne Daigle, Mat Levesque, Jocelyn Audette, Doug MacNearney, Sam Seymour, Stephen Woodley (Board contact)

Management Plan

Forest Larrimac

Mark Wilson -Chair, Christine de Groot -co-chair, Gord Hill, Glynis Peters, Maryse Dionne, Mary Granskou, Grégoire Crevier, Silke Neve, Brent Belzac, Susan Young, Trevor Bergh, Stephan Moresoli (Board contact)

Management Plan (original copy, which is updated by the Stewardship Committee at this moment)

Hundred Acre Wood

Ghislain Lafontaine, Adam Shapero, Christine Tremblay, Paul Hetzler, Shelly Ann Mary, Marie-Claude Osterrath (Board contact)

Management Plan (original copy, which is updated by the Stewardship Committee at this moment)

Place Eco Rubin

Ken Rubin, Debbie Rubin, Carl Savignac, Shelia McCrindle, Chantal Dahan, Richard Blais, Ted Cheskey, Carolyn Callaghan, Dannah Draper, Stephen Woodley (Board contact)

Management Plan

Stewardship Committees

Photo Credit: Grégoire Crevier

Photo credit: Christopher Minnes