Nature Chelsea


1/15/20201 min read

Nature Chelsea envisioned a system of conserved natural areas, consisting of core habitat areas (terrestrial and aquatic) and corridors that connected the Gatineau River to Gatineau Park, that together comprised an ecological network capable of providing ecological goods and services and supporting rare species, and that was supported by Chelsea residents as a valued asset.

Nature Chelsea was a partnership project of the Municipality of Chelsea and Action Chelsea for the Respect of the Environment (ACRE). The Nature Chelsea approach emphasized the maintenance of biodiversity and habitat connectivity within the Municipality of Chelsea through proactive planning. On a fine scale, Nature Chelsea aimed to ensure that ecological design principles were integrated into the early stages of the design of residential subdivisions to protect biodiversity and reduce the subdivision’s ecological impact.

This design approach included identifying wildlife corridors and the placement of roads and buildings for conservation and connectivity of natural features, and opportunities for the public appreciation of nature. On a broad scale, Nature Chelsea aimed to identify areas with high value to biodiversity and consider how connectivity between natural areas might be incorporated early in the community development planning process.

The goal of Nature Chelsea was to support the conservation of Chelsea’s biodiversity and to recognize the conservation of natural areas as critical to successful sustainable development of the Municipality, through:

  • Conservation Planning: Gathering scientific information to support biodiversity-friendly decision-making, and developing a biodiversity conservation plan designed to ensure effective conservation of biodiversity and natural areas of Chelsea;

  • Education: Increasing public understanding and appreciation of Chelsea’s biodiversity, and;

  • Stewardship: Helping landowners to manage their properties in ways that support biodiversity.

    Project reports:

    Bioblitz Final Report

    Best Practices to Maintain Biodiversity in Chelsea

    Final CLD Report