Photo Contest Results


12/18/20231 min read

We finally have our photo contest results. Our jury, consisting of ACRE President Stephen Woodley, Board Member Marie-Claude Osterrath, and Program Manager Valeria Kuzivanova, had a very pleasant and extremely difficult task to go through 267 marvelous photos and select the winners. We would like to thank everyone who found some time to share beautiful images with us!

In the category Wildlife the first place goes to Michel Leger, whose pictures, which were taken in Forêt aux Étangs, were so impressive that it was very hard to select the winning image. The chipmunk wrapped in a warm snow blanket was chosen for the first place, but we are attaching three more breathtaking images that we absolutely loved. In the category Landscape, the winner is Gregoire Crevier with his peaceful scene in the Larrimac Forest. In this category, we would also like to give an honorable mention to Henrike Sanne with her frozen stream and Sharlene Carlson with her reflection piece.

Dear participants, thank you so much for your attentive eyes, curious hearts, and for the beauty you have captured! We will contact the winners and will explain how the prizes can be received.

Photo credit: Michel Leger, Gregoire Crevier, Henrike Sanne, Sharlene Carlson.