Speakers Series and Community Events


1/5/20201 min read

Since the year 2000, ACRE has been presenting a series of lectures by environmental experts with the goal of both entertaining and educating residents of Chelsea about environmental issues. Subjects have ranged from Chelsea's wild birds, fish and frogs, to the geology of the region; and from climate change in the Arctic and Antarctic to naturalizing your garden. We are always looking for new ideas and speakers!

As an example, in 2019 we had the following topics:

June 2019 - Bird Collisions - What to do?

with Safe Wings Ottawa and Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre

What can you do to prevent bird collisions and what should you do if a bird hits your window?

Experts from Safe Wings Ottawa and the Ottawa Valley Wild Bird Care Centre will talk about how we can work together to save lives of thousand of birds and better live in harmony with our environment.

March 2019 - Ecological Corridors in Chelsea: Location, Value, and Conservation

with Stephan Moresoli, and Stephen Woodley

Ecosystems need to stay connected to survive. Come hear about efforts to understand and conserve Chelsea's ecological connections.

January 2019 - Using Electric Cars and Bikes in the Gatineau Hills: Experience from Actual Users

with Andrew Henry, Véronique Juneau, and Karl Saidla